Photography Packages


All of my photography packages include the following:

  • A zip drive full of beautifully edited images

  • Full rights to every image-- print as many and as often as you'd like!

  • You won't be limited on the number of photos provided and will receive every quality shot taken during your birth

I offer three different packages so you can choose which would be best for you and your birth. Every package can be purchased alongside my doula services.

Package 1: Full Birth Photography $800

With this package, you’ll have every moment of your labor, delivery, and initial postpartum period covered. I’ll be on call for you beginning at your 37th week and will come to you once you’ve reached active labor. From there, you will have everything about bringing your baby Earth-side documented: encouraging kisses from your partner in between contractions, looking at your baby’s face for the first time, and little tiny feet hanging off a scale. Giving birth is a beautiful story worthy of being remembered completely and hiring an experienced photographer can help you do just that.

Package 2: Special Delivery $500

This package is perfect for anyone who wants the most impactful part of birth documented: meeting your baby. I will begin taking photos at the actual moment of delivery through the first two hours postpartum. You’ll forever be able to remember the look on your face when you saw your child for the first time, or your partner’s face when the gender was revealed. This package also covers all the “special events” following birth like your baby being weighed and the first breastfeeding latch. **This package is only available when purchased alongside my doula services as it would be too difficult to try and plan to arrive at your birth just before delivery.

Package 3: Fresh 48 $300

If you want to have pictures of your baby’s first few moments on Earth recorded without photographing the events of your labor, this package is perfect for your family. I will come to the hospital or birth center within the first 48 hours of delivery and take pictures of your family enjoying one another. This can include breastfeeding portraits, your baby meeting siblings and grandparents, pictures of your child in their “take home” outfit, and other events from your baby’s first days.

I’m so passionate about life’s big events being captured on film. The lives we live are momentous and meaningful, but our memories of it can be so feeble. Photographs keep those memories vivid. My approach is capturing fresh, bright, candid moments that invoke emotions. Please look through my portfolio below to get a feel for my style.

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Baby h

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